Established in 2020, we are considered underdogs in the moving industry. With this being stated, we work hard to outperform our competitors; who have not only been in business for longer but also have more resources to work with. We achieve this by giving each and every job our all, going above and beyond the competition in every way we can.

We have a fantastic team of determined individuals equipped with the right tools, all managed using state of the art moving software. All that, and exceptional insurance coverage. We are proud to say: we think we are on the right track. Help us climb the ladder to become Washington’s premier moving company.

We may be tiny, but we have massive plans..

Support the transition to sustainability in the services industry by betting on a company that promises to help do just that. We plan on scaling not up in service area, but down in Co2 emmissions. Our plan is seek funding for a large piece of open land, still in the greater Seattle Area to build an HQ; 100% powered by renewables. With gas prices on the rise and the cost of solar and other renewable sources rapidly falling, it only makes sense to pursue this now. We have a hunch, that it’s possible to achieve 100% sustainabilty; in not only energy use, but every single resource that goes into the moving industry. Whether that be the (somewhat) inevitable bodily damage, or the food that fuel the movers themselves. An In-house solution is the goal.

If you’ve read this far: Thank you. We really appreciate it. If you like the sound of our goal, and would like to help – please write to us explaining why you like it and why you think we should seek funding. Any feedback is always a huge help and greatly appreciated here.

Transitioning with Ease, always.

– Vincent & Dominic Benedetto (Co-owners)

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